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Do you want to use The Best White Wall Tyre Paint available?

250ml of the best white wall tyre paint on the market. The coating will not crack, will not peel and will not flake off your tyre. 1 x 250ml bottle is enough coating to stripe 4 tyres. 1 x 250ml bottle is enough to stripe 4 x tyres with a wide stripe.


Below is a basic application guide and some top tips.
• 1 x 250ml bottle is enough coating to wide stripe 4 x tyres.
• New tyres can be striped but this will increase the chance of whitewall discolouration. This will continue until the tyres have completed 2000 to 3000 miles.
• If you have used silicon based “tyre shine” type products on the tyre in the past, it is recommended that you have your tyres flipped over and whitewall the other side. Silicon tyre shine products applied to the tyre before or after application will cause discolouration. AVOID!
• Apply to a fully inflated tyre (application is easier if the wheels are removed from the vehicle)


Application Instructions:
1. Ensure tyre walls are clean, dry, free of oil and tyre dressing
2. You can use White Spirit to clean the sidewalls but ensure that they are bone dry before coating application.
3. Create a light key for the coating using 120grit sand paper.
4. Use normal masking tape to mask the wheel rim
5. Use “fine line” masking tape to create the outer stripe edge (where the sidewall meets the tread, there will be a ring around the tyre to mask to)
6. Shake bottle well.
7. Pour a small amount of coating on to a saucer (or similar)
8. The brush provided is ok but for best results use a fine bristle brush
9. Apply in 3 x thin coats (allowing 1hr between coats). Remember numerous thin coats are better than one thick coat.
10. Post application the coating will feel tacky for a few weeks.
11. For cleanup use White Spirit.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Should contact occur, rinse thoroughly with water. Use in a well ventilated area and use appropriate safety equipment.

White Wall Tyre Paint (for Radial or Cross Ply Tyres)

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£19.99Sale Price
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