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Non Silicon Tyre Shine formulated not to discolour your whitewall tyres

Mr Whitewalls Tyre Shine

  • Mr Whitewalls Tyre Shine

    Most tyre shines are unsuitable for whitewall tyres. This tyre shine will not discolour your stripes. It is specially formulated to bring out the black of your vehicles tyres and will repel brake dust/dirt and grime leaving your tyres blacker for longer.

    - Wash tyres to remove all brake dust/dirt and road grime using car shampoo.
    - Rinse clean with fresh water.
    - Allow to dry.
    - Spray product on a clean rag or sponge (do not spray directly on the tyre) and work in to the tyre.
    - Avoid where possible wiping the product on your whitewall.
    - Repeated application may be needed when used for the first time.
    - Allow to dry

    Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Should contact occur, wash thoroughly with water. Avoid breathing spray and point spray away from face.